As part of our ongoing effort to improve server performance we are pleased to announce plans to roll-out CloudLinux across all DDBHOSTING  servers. CloudLinux is a commercial operating system designed for the web hosting industry that uses isolation technology to create lightweight virtual environments for all customers on the server that helps to avert any one user from trying to utilise too many system resources that could slow or take down an entire server.  With CloudLinux we are able to improve server stability and ensure that the performance of your website is not impacted by the actions of other users on the server.

Along with CloudLinux we are also implementing Litespeed, Litespeed is a drop in replacement of Apache. Apache is the most popular web-server on the internet today, it is the part that actually powers your website. Litespeed allows us to replace Apache, and use the same configuration files, however, Litespeed provides for over a 600% increased performance in static files and over 50% increase in performance for PHP based applications, such as WordPress, etc.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

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